You might be wondering why we offer membership and why you might want to spend the $30 to join Babywearing International of New Haven.  It is true that our general meetings are free and open to the public and our lending library is available for use at meetings.

Our primary mission is babywearing education – and we believe that education should be free! However, to provide that education and our lending library, we do need financial support….and most of our financial support comes from our member dues.

Membership Benefits

  1. Gain lending library privileges!  Dues paying members in good standing may check out one carrier per month to take home and use.  Over the course of an annual membership, you’ll get to try at least 12 different carriers!  This is a great way to “try before you buy”, get a carrier for a special occasion/purpose, or explore other carrier options as your child grows and your needs change.  Read our library policies for more information.
  2. Support the growth of our chapter!   While much of our membership money goes towards our lending library, we also need member money to support outreach efforts (including print materials) and to pay operational costs.
  3. Support our parent organization!  A portion of our membership income is remitted to Babywearing International.  Our parent organization supports us (and babywearing in general) in many ways:  training and providing continuing education for our educators, providing liability insurance for our educators and library, providing our library management software, maintaining the, and spearheading outreach efforts.
  4. Support babywearing education and advocacy in our community!  Member support helps our group grow and bring babywearing education to all interested members of our community.  We are in the early stages of developing a carrier distribution program and would welcome your ideas about this or other outreach opportunities.  If you are part of a group that might be interested in partnering, let us know!

One Time Loans

For those wanting to try one carrier for one month, we do offer a $5, one-month membership.  All lending library policies including late fees apply.

If you wish, you can convert a one-month membership into a full membership for only $25 when you return your first carrier.

Gift Memberships

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift?  A membership to BWI New Haven is a great one!  For only $30 your gift recipient gets to try a different carrier a month for a full year – a great way to find the perfect carrier for each stage of an infant’s development.


We hope you will consider joining BWI New Haven! 

For more information, email us or chat with one of our leaders at any meet up. Hope to see you soon!!

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